Other Primary Sources

The essay ‘Confessions’ by Munin Barkotoki in the 1930s is considered to be one of the earliest and finest examples of the genre belles-lettres in Assamese. It was first published in the Assamese literary magazine Awahon in the mid 1930s. Here is the essay in English translation. Translator: Prafulla Kotoky.

Munin Barkotoki is known to have written postcards to many young and promising writers to encourage them after having read something that they had written even though he did not know them personally. He also communicated with many of his friends by writing letters and postcards, especially during the time he was living in Delhi. In this video, Upendra Barkataki, who was very close to Munin Barkotoki, reads out a few letters that Munin Barkotoki wrote to him. A sample of Munin Barkotoki’s dense and difficult-to-read handwriting is also included in the video.